What is a “Diet Reset”

A Diet Reset is a chance for you to hit the reset button on your diet. It’s a 2-week program designed to get your diet back on track, especially after the holiday season! After eating highly inflammatory foods such as sugar and fast food that cause havoc on the digestive system and the rest of your body, this reset will help you feel better! We’ll spend 2 weeks focusing on delicious and nutritious foods. It’s all about fueling your body with vibrant foods to keep you at the top of your game.

What are the benefits of doing a Diet Reset?

How about more energy, better skin and less bloating just to name a few! You’ll also benefit from a supportive environment and the chance to kick some unhealthy habits to the curb. During the 2 weeks, you’ll receive tools that will lead you on the path to becoming a nutritional boss! All the while being supported by a Naturopath and a group of like-minded individuals that like you, are learning how to eat for better health.

What’s Included?

  • A comprehensive booklet with a full 2-week meal plan, recipes, and a grocery-shopping list. It takes all the guesswork out of what to eat and what to shop for!
  • Two individual in-office Naturopathic visits (Week 1: a 45 minute visit,
    week 2: a 30 minute visit)
  • Body composition analysis
  • Online support group to help you stay on track and keep you inspired!

Who should do a Diet Reset?

Anyone who is:

  • Feeling tired and sluggish
  • Bloated and uncomfortable
  • Suffering from heart burn
  • Experiencing skin breakouts and blemishes, or suffering from eczema
  • Having trouble concentrating at work or school
  • Unsure of how to cook/shop for healthy foods
  • Wants to learn how to meal plan better
  • Is dependent on sugar and coffee to get through the day
  • Unsure of how to incorporate more veggies in your diet
  • Needs to get back on track with health and fitness goals

Investment: $199.00 (may be covered by your extended benefit plan)

Program starts January 16th. There will be an info session Monday January 9th at Waterdown Clinic of Naturopathic Medicine at 6:30pm.

Have a question? Want to sign up? Contact me here or call 905-690-9151

Let’s do this!

Dr. Lisa